About Us

Our Mission

My Daily Burbank was a vision the Publisher had years ago, but was too busy to start it. The idea to create a website featuring the local community and its experts of professionals. One place to join and find out the local buzz, get deals and learn about the people in the town. Consisting of articles, reviews, blog posts, interviews and videos highlighting Burbank and the people that live here. First and foremost, it is to be for and about the people in the town.

Meet Our Team

Nili Nathan, Publisher/Author

In 2007, she started producing video content for major publishers such as Demand Media, Live Strong, as well as AOL were she has hundreds of videos syndicating on major websites, such as Huffington Post and Daily Motion. Her passion is writing profiles about entrepreneurs, artists, business people and anyone interesting. Nili has directed and produced over 300 short-format videos for the web on topics of holistic health and wellness. An early pioneer in the online video space, she received one of the first emails from YouTube inviting her to upload videos. Having a strong understanding of how viral videos can have an impact online, she enjoys helping business owners develop content.

Patrica Prata, Author

Patricia is a native of Brazil and has many talents including acting and dancing. She is a professional Belly, Samba and Salsa Dancer who performs as well as teaches. Besides strutting her stuff in Native Samba Costumes, she has a degree in Journalism.

Tricia Lin, Author

Tricia Lin is a poet, journalist, and author of literary nonfiction. She has been published in From a Window: AffectionThe America Library of Poetry, and A Celebration of Poets. When she comes across spare time, she enjoys reading, skiing, and good-natured debate. Tricia is a staff writer at the Washington Square News, and is currently studying at New York University for a degree in Journalism.

Shaina Vorspan, Author

Shaina was born and raised in Suburbia, California, and turned to amateur filmmaking, performing, and writing as a way to keep busy and an outlet for her creativity. She earned her B.A. in theatre from the University of California, San Diego where she performed in and helped produce a number of productions, in addition to taking a plethora of writing classes. Back in L.A., she continues her passion for theatre, acting, and writing by being an involved member of The Knightsbridge Theatre, co-creating her own films, taking creative writing extension classes, and regularly collaborating with her friends on projects.  Although her freelance writing career is a more recent endeavor, she has had the opportunity to assist many clients with a variety of needs, from website content to article writing.