Malls&Shopping Centers – Burbank


Malls&Shopping Burbank at the AMC Theatre District has lots of restaurants, movies and shopping.AMC 16 Theatre District

Night Life in Burbank is popping these days over at the AMC Theatre District where you will find great choices to eat, play and shop! Burbank prides itself in being one of the safest neighborhoods to walk in at night in Los Angeles. We love all the great dining and shopping choices.



You will find something for everyone at the restaurants at the AMC in Burbank. We loved the Mexican food at Chipolte, it was fresh and really delicious. The wait was a bit long, so make sure you have plenty of time and won’t miss your movie. Did you know they use naturally raised meat, and organic ingredients as much as possible?

Mexican food at Chipotle Burbank's AMC theatre district.

Panera Bread Burbank


Yes, they do deliver as they promise “food with integrity” and we like that. Try the super large burritos – their claim to fame.

For casual light fare, you might try the soups, salads and freshly baked breads at Panera.  They were one of the first cafes to voluntarily post information on calorie content for customers at all their cafes. In addition, we feel this is a socially-conscious establishment and salute them on the creation of “Operation Dough-Nation” which commits to the community by collecting unsold bread and baked goods and donates to local hunger relief agencies. What a good feeling to know we have such a wonderful establishment in Burbank. Guess how much unsold bread they donated (calculated in 2010) to local organizations? Try $100 million worth! Go Panera! And you go visit them too.

Ice Cream – Burbank’s Cold Stone Creamery

coldstone ice cream burbank

 Oh, my!  Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is the creamiest and very original flavors. The other great ice cream choice is the famous Ben & Jerry’s, another socially-conscious establishment originating in San Francisco. If you remember back in the early 90’s the campaign they launched mailing over 70,000 postcards to Congress concerning children’s issues they wanted to draw attention to.

Ice Cream at Ben & Jerrys in Burbank at AMC theatre district.



We are known for our unique antique and thrift shopping and you will certainly find a few on San Fernando Road, but this is the place to go for brand names such as Gap, Urban Outfitter, Macy’s and others.

Urban Outfittersbubank

Visit Gap Burbank for great shopping.




However, things do quite down a bit after 10 p.m. If you are looking for more action try going to Burbank Bar & Grill and other joints on San Fernando and Olive. Don’t forget Salsa dancing at Olivia’s on Olive, as well. They have great bands, dance classes and a fun Latin time!

AMC Burbank has shopping, movies and dining.

Enjoy the street musicians while standing in line, or window shopping at AMC 16 Burbank.




burbank has great shopping and dining at night.







Movie schedules go to the website below.

AMC 16 Theatres Burbank is located at 125 E. Palm Ave.

Take Magnolia Blvd north past the 5fwy.