Play Disney’s Club Penguin – Tips


What Is It?

Disney Online Game

Why I like It

Well, I’ve been playing this game, club Penguin for about 5 years now. I really love it. You can be a Member or play as a non-Member.


In my opinion the best games are Puffle Escape and Ice Fishing.

Puffle Escape

It’s fun to adopt a Puffle! You can also buy clothes, have fun and take care of your Puffle. If you’re a Member you can have up to 20 Puffles. Non-Members only get 2.

Make sure you save up your coins, don’t waste them all or you can go broke!!

Ice Fishing

For this game you can use one of their pole or you can buy a pole for 200 coins.


Try it as a non-member and see if you like it. Start off slow, have fun get a Puffle and make new friend!

Then, you can always try being a Member and get the monthly $7.95 membership. My Mom signed me up with Pay Pal. You can cancel at anytime if you don’t like the game.

Fun, safe, online virtual world for Kids. Explore Disney’s Club Penguin.