Burbank’s Skate Park

By Tricia Lin

After school, ValleyPark is the place to be.

“You gotta trust yourself the first time, man. You gotta believe in yourself.”

With the sun shining over the glorious grey curves of concrete, it’s the perfect place to catch your next ride.

“I’ve seen you skate, man, and you can skate. It’s always scary the first time, but you can do it.”

A tall, lean youth has his hair in his face, his board tucked under his left arm. Fading stickers decorate the underside. DC. Spitfire. Quagmire Co.

The boy on his right turns back to the group of five-foot, middle school pros. They’re taking the pool lips like it’s nobody’s business, their helmets too large for their heads. The boy rubs his new elbow pads nervously.

“Trust me, man. You got this. You got this.”

Once upon a time, ValleyPark housed little league baseball diamonds. Today, it is home to the one and only Burbank Skate Park, where registered skaters of all experience levels come to improve, have fun, and skate. As a skate park, it also comes close to a parent’s dream come true. Helmets and pads are required, and minors must have their wavers signed by a guardian.

The older boy pushes his hair out of his face and flashes a reassuring grin. The younger one screws up his mouth and repeats something to himself in a chant, whispering the words under his breath.

You got this. You got this.

He sets his board on the ground before taking a running start, pushing off of the ledge and down the curved slope past the lip.

Valley Park, 1625 North Valley Street

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The facility is open to skaters provided they register and have a signed waiver on file at the Skate Park.  Minors, or children under 18 years of age must have a parent signed waiver on file. Parent must be present when waiver is signed.  All skaters are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Registration is accepted at the Burbank Skate Park.
Burbank Skate Park
Skate Park Burbank