Whitnall Off-Leash Dog Park


By Patrica Prata

I just adopted my dog couple of months ago and I was looking for a save place to relieve his steam and let him run free. My dog is a large dog and most places do not accept Black German Shepherds; sometimes it’s hard for large dogs to play carefree. When  I found this park I was so happy, they have TWO separated areas one for large dogs and other for small dogs. This is awesome because some large dogs scare the small dogs, but not in this park. I took Flash to the park and it was amazing to see how fast he made friends, all dogs were extremely playful and friendly. Exactly what my baby needed. The best of all the park is leash free and is also free of charge!  What can be better than to see the happiness of my little angel running free with a bunch of dog friends playing savely? Before entering the park read the rules, they have a huge sign by the entrance. They also  have two secured entrances with double fence doors, to make entering and exit super save. The park also has a couple of benches and chairs under the shade of trees, perfect for studying or working with your iPad, Smart phone or lap top. They provide free plastic bags, trash cans and scoops to curb your dog. They also provide  free drinking water and couple of bathing pools so the dogs can jump in. Great park to take your dog and relax before an audition….like I did, or anytime.

5801 1/2 Whitnall Hwy
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Neighborhood: North Hollywood

(818) 756-8190