8 Ball – Rockabilly in Burbank

8Ball Rockabilly in Burbank

8Ball Rockabilly in Burbank

Retro, not vintage,” says Jamie. “Retro is new, vintage is old. All of this stuff –” she gestures vaguely – “This is new.”

And what stuff. Halter tops and sassy prints decorate the hangers, hats tilt in greeting, white collars and vibrant colors adorn form-flattering, figure-forgiving silhouettes that entice the most hesitant of window shoppers.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll edge is thoroughly laced throughout the store, manifesting in Tattoo Bandages and skulls reminiscent of Día de los Muertos.

A bit of a throwback, perhaps, but undeniably now.

Jamie and her husband bought 8 Ball when they discovered it was closing down.

“Looking back on the years of our relationship, we’d been getting each other gifts from 8 Ball… and my husband was like ‘Where else am I going to get my Suavecito Pomade?’” Jamie laughs. “I mean, these are gifts you can get for that person who has everything and needs nothing.”

Like Suavecito Pomade. A switchblade comb. An intervention notepad. The other end of the store is everything from quirky magnets to Cat Butt Liquid Hand Soap.

But that’s just the merchandise.

“Let me show you the back.”

The lounge is open for drinks and compliments during events. Aside from Ladies Night Out, 8 Ball also serves as host to themed art openings every month or so. The section between the store and the lounge doubles as a gallery, showcasing the work of the month’s featured artists.

The displays currently feature three-dimensional masterpieces.

“This is new.”

8 Ball Rockabilly in Burbank
3424 W. Magnolia , Burbank, California 91505
(818) 859-7562
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