Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour Review

Warner Bros Deluxe Fine Dining Room

Warner Bros Deluxe Fine Dining Room

Four Reasons You Should Take The Deluxe Tour

Albert, Harry, Sam and Jack. The four Warner brothers were the founders in 1923 of the famed Studio that currently resides in Burbank, and often enough, not known by the public at large as being the names behind the iconic WB logo.  Where the VIP Studio Tour ends, the Deluxe Tour elevates to an unforgettable experience and opportunity to hear stories that the Tour Guide leaves out, or doesn’t know.

“People simply think it’s a brand,” says Cass Warner, granddaughter of Harry Warner, who is the Special Guest during the Deluxe Lunch Tour at WB studio lot. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Cass and hear the wonderful personal stories, first hand, as she re-tells them to you in an intimate setting. A lunch you will treasure, as I did along with the other guests (tourists from all over the world) in this intimate and small gathering with Cass, who thoughtfully includes everyone and answers questions.

Deluxe Warner Brothers VIP Tour Cass Warner  Lunch

Deluxe Warner Brothers VIP Tour Cass Warner Lunch


You may spot a celebrity or two as you lunch to a sit down, 3-course meal in the Fine Dining Room of the studio. The menu is superb with a delicious Risotto Vegetable Soup that I enjoyed, along with the Grilled Salmon.  Hear the stories and the legends that created the mega studios and movie business as we know it today.

Cass, a filmmaker, carries the torch with the founding of her production company, Warner Sisters. She recently produced and directed a fascinating documentary, “The Brothers Warner” which will be premiering in the Burbank International Film Festival, the first week of September at the AMC 16.

What To Expect

After you pass security, you will pick up your tickets inside the WB store (Starbucks is inside for all the late coffee drinkers) and proceed to a small screening room to watch a ten-minute short on the history of the studio. If you ever wondered who did the voice of Bugs Bunny, you will see a scene of the man behind the character, Mel Blanc. I enjoyed the clips of “Harry Potter” in several languages, including Japanese. Here, in this screening room, you will get to hold an eight and a half pound real statue of an Oscar. Tourists from all over the world delight in this.

Deluxe Tour Warner Brothers Meet Cass

Deluxe Tour Warner Brothers Meet Cass

Our tour guide, Thom, was fantastic. Filled with knowledge, and in his words, “never stops talking” — he is a very entertaining guy. No video-taping is allowed, but still photography is welcomed.

A delightful surprise on the back lot tour was going inside a real Foley Studio to meet the Foley Artists who re-create the sounds of footsteps, hand clapping, water pouring, glass breaking and just about anything and everything that needs to be tweaked in a motion picture. This craft is named after the actor that developed many of the sound effect techniques,  Jack Donovan Foley. The two women work together as a team and had hundreds of props in the room, which was really fascinating.

VIP Warner Studio Tour

VIP Warner Studio Tour


On the back lot you will get to visit many of the famous sets, streets, and areas where old and newer movies were filmed from “The Music Man” on Midwest Street, to the jungle where scenes from “Jurassic Park” were shot. Learn movie magic tricks of the trade as described by your Tour Guide.




Of course, it is a brand, but with an important fact. Its founders were four immigrant brothers.  The Warner Brothers – four individuals that started something from nothing.  From a thought, an idea, a dream – for all of us to remember that the sanctity of the individual is a value we should never forget, as it is the beginning and end to any endeavor we pursue and what dreams are made of.  This is what I took away from the Deluxe Tour, by the presence of Cass Warner, who has a real passion for inspiring and empowering people.  I got the feeling this is what she wants to achieve from being the Special Guest of the Deluxe Tour. Successfully, she does.

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Deluxe Tour and Lunch with Cass is only on Thursdays. Children under 8 are not allowed on the tour. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Water bottles are provided, plenty so no need to schlep your own. Bring sunglasses and a hat if you are sensitive to the sun as you will get off the tram and walk around. The Deluxe tour begins at 10:15 am and ends somewhere around 4 pm, so plan accordingly.