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This is….Burbank’s Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly



Proprietor, Toadstool Farm

There is much more than meets the eye when meeting Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly. While her boutique is clearly expressive and enchanting, she is compelling and I just had to snap a photo of this Beauty; whose eyes reveal a very special person, indeed.

I met her while strolling the streets in Magnolia Park on “Ladies Night Out.”  But, it wasn’t until I took the time to visit her website that I discovered her inner-beauty and artistic talents.

Her international collection of fairy and fantasy art began when she fell in love with a Friesian horse and chose to paint it. That launched her painting career and led to being recruited as an artist at the Renaissance Faire.  Now, her work is seen in private collections across the globe.

Jacqueline grew up in Colorado where she wandered the woods as a young child, and let her imagination expand into the world of fairies and fantasy. This influence can be seen in her paintings and other art work, and expressed in her lovely boutique where she spends her days sharing all her great finds and creations with her loyal customers in Burbank.

Jacqueline loves the stories behind vintage and antiques. What’s most interesting about her is that she’s a Clairsentient. Being able to feel things from objects and places. She says, “Older things have lots and lots of yummy energy and emotion invested in them; stories, and history, good and bad.”  

On her blog posts, you can read her inner most cherished expressions…and I highly recommend you do. I read her post “Who Am I” and it brought tears to my eyes as someone who relates to her experience with grief, as I lost my Beloved Mother to cancer. The post will help you if you or someone you know needs help with grief, in our community. Pass it on.  Read Here

A friendly warning: You can literally spend hours on her website, so do visit when you have the time and a cup of tea, to enjoy all the visuals and lyrics of her writings.

In closing, she writes that she is a misfit. But, in my eyes, I saw her bright big beautiful smile that resonates and makes you want to get to know her and her store better…much better.

A great shop to find a unique and meaningful gift.

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Visit Jacqueline at:

3202 West Magnolia Boulevard


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