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Interview with Annie Wood for MyDailyBurbank

Recently, I sat down with actress Annie Wood and it was an hour long laugh-fest with multi-talented actress, producer, writer and author. I  couldn’t stop laughing, she is so funny and has so much energy; and it’s all good energy and good Karma!  She also has the most amazing beautiful, exotic eyes.

Nili Nathan: I really enjoyed your book of comedic scenes, “Act Up and Make a Scene” and was   wondering who in your childhood inspired you and left an impression the most?

Annie: Thanks! Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Montgomrey and my mom. All funny, kooky ladies who exuded happiness and joy.

Nili Nathan: The book was so funny and fresh, it’s really not just for actors – why did you write it?

Annie: I love writing short form and comedic scene writing has been something I’ve been doing for a long time now. A couple of casting directors around town use my scenes in workshops. One casting directory, Jeremy Gordon, only uses my scenes. Actors are always looking for original material so this provides something new for them. I also write scenes specifically for actors to bring out their unique qualities. For more info on that just click on the “writing” button at – Many non-actors enjoy reading the scenes for fun, so that’s nice too!

Nili Nathan: There are many hurdles, bumps in the road to pursuing a career in the entertainment business. What is the one most important lesson and bit of advice you can offer to young people looking to break in?

Annie: Your belief in yourself must be rock solid. My motto is – Keep Creating, Keep Believing, Keep Showing Up. Learn all you can about the business and life itself. Live a full life. Fall in-love, travel, cook, do many things so you have something to draw from when it’s time to act, write or do whatever it is you are going to do.

Nili Nathan: I’m also a fan of your web-series, “Karma’s A Bitch” and watched a few episodes. Very original and congratulations for recently receiving the title of best webisodes from Virgin Airlines. Could you briefly tell us what goes into the making of a webisode; pre-production, production and distribution? I’m sure many readers would want to know how you get started.

Annie: I’m always networking, just because I’m always involved. I co-directed a theatre troupe a few years ago and stayed in touch with one of the actors, Eric Curtis. He decided to become a producer and asked me if I had any web series material. I had a brief concept so I sat down and wrote the first 4 episodes. He loved them and wanted to produce it. I wrote 16 episodes in season one. Watch them all! J A new producer just called me to do a season 2. Click on “karma’s a b*tch” at

Nili Nathan: And lastly, what are some of your favorite Burbank places?

Annie: I study Kung Fun at The American Kung Fu academy on Magnolia. I love a nursery I discovered on Hollywood Way. Sheridan Gardens. Great selection of plants. The Burbank Target is my favorite Target. In the same area – that Lowes is my favorite Lowes. The Smokehouse for an old school champagne brunch with my friends.

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Annie was born in Hollywood, raised in the valley and was a Burbank resident for a bit. She avoided the valley girl accent by speaking backwards for the first 15 years of her life. As an actress you may remember her in her recurring role on BECKER with Ted Danson, Lara in GOOD LUCK CHUCK and as the host of her own national dating show, BZZZ! which she also co-produced. She recently had a comedic scene in the NBC/UNIVERSAL showcase and her web-series, Karma’s a B*tch (see video above) was chosen by Virgin America as BEST OF THE WEB and has over a million views! 

As an actress, Annie taped the TV show, COSTELLO at Disney studios in Burbank and as a voice over artist, Annie is often in one of the several casting offices in Burbank.  

 Her new book of comedic scenes, Act Up and Make a Scene! is now available on Amazon.
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