The Melt Burbank – “Grilled Cheese Happiness”


I recently had the pleasure of stopping in to the newest addition to downtown Burbank: The Melt.  If you are a grilled cheese-a-holic like me, any place that specializes in this comfort food already gets my two thumbs up, and The Melt does not disappoint.  With a limited, but delicious menu, I tried out “The Italian Job,” fontina and provolone cheeses on housemade garlic bread.  I also tasted their creamy wild mushroom soup that comes with their special.  Both the sandwich and the soup satisfied my need for cheese (and soup).  Other tasty looking melts include “The ‘Shroom,” “The Thanksgiving,” and “The Mac Daddy” (which includes elbow macaroni!).  These three sandwiches are on their combo menu, which include a cup of soup. They also house brew their own iced tea and squeeze their own lemonade, not to mention offer gluten-free bread.  If you are an early riser, you can come in for a breakfast sandwich, or bring your kids in after school for a classic grilled cheese and a soft serve ice cream cone.  There is something on the menu for everyone, and if you realize your phone is low on juice, they happen to have USB charging docs at every table, along with a plug.  It seems The Melt has thought of everything!  So the next time you’re walking along San Fernando and need to satisfy your inner child (or an actual child), stop into The Melt, and melt your way into bliss.


The Melt is located at:

313 North San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

 For more information on their menu, visit:



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  1. Nili Nathan says:

    I tried the Parisian Combo. Brie, granny smith apple w/ honey on french baguette with creamy wild mushroom soup. I like the soup, but the melt was screaming for more brie..mostly bread, light on the cheese did not make me happy. I will go back and try another, though.

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