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Mayberry Turns Into Mayhem Over Viner Hayes Grier

Mops of teenage girls lined up at The Mag Park in hopes of meeting famous Viners & YouTubers this morning, as early as 8 am. Hayes Grier’s Meet & Greet brought fans from other cities, even other states. The lines went all the way up Avon Street. The stars showed up around Noon and the lucky early birds took photos and got autographs. Twan Kuyper, Charles Gitnick, Neels Visser, Tez where on hand for the festivities.

But Burbank, known as being a lot like Mayberry, turned into Mayhem as scores of frantic Girls after waiting all day, started banging on the front door of the store and chanting, “Let Us In!” The Fans were on Fire screaming. Suddenly, as the Stars came out to leave, worried Moms and Dads were trying to protect the Girls from themselves as they pushed and shoved wildly. Some were running recklessly into the streets causing traffic to come to a halt. A security guard accidentally fell on top of a young girl crashing her to the ground. Another girl almost fell underneath a car. It got very hairy as cars were dodging the mop who were out of control. The Boys were grabbed, had their hair pulled, and some girls chased after their car as it carefully left the scene. . A few girls were crying because they waited in line for five hours and didn’t get to go into the Meet & Greet. The Burbank police arrived and calmed the situation. These YouTube sensations and influencers are reminiscent of the ’60’s — when those of us old enough, remember the British Invasion. Read Review By a Fan

Hayes Greer Meet & Greet

Hayes Grier In Burbank

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