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Janoskian Meet and Greet in Hollywood

Today, 3/5 of the Janoskians were at the AVALON in Hollywood doing a meet and greet for the people who bought tickets for their show on May 15th. Jai, Luke, and Beau Brooks were all there as well as Tayler Holder, Fraydoe Martinez, Allen Sarinana, Johnny Orlando, Jeremy and Jordan Steel, and Kevin Bojorquez. Everyone would take a photo with Jai, Luke, and Beau on the couch and the others were sitting in another part and you could also take pictures with them. Later on, more people were coming up and we were just hanging out with them and the others. The meet and greet lasted from 11PM-1PM and it was really fun! Tickets for there show with  Sammy Wilk, Gabriel Laceup, Kayden Stephenson, Rajiv Dhall, Izzy Malik, Loud, Conner Dennis, Dope Dougiee, Stalker Sarah, ThatBoyVince, DavidTheGemini, Jordan Tortorello, Jeremy Shayne, Alan Poulos, AmerianAladdin, Juarez Twins, Fraydoe, Danielle Renaee, Allen Sarinana. The Cinco 4 show is going to be so much fun!


Beau, Jai, Luke, and I


Beau and Jai hugging a fan

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