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Clarinetist David Orlowsky and Italy’s famed Quartetto Di Cremona

The Wallis presents in an interesting ​ and entertaining evening of Klezmer music with a contemporary interpretation.

The program opened with Osvaldo Golijov’s Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind. Golijov is a Russian-born, Argentine composer who says of the piece, although wordless, “sounds as if it were written in three different Jewish languages ─ the prelude and the first movement, the most ancient, are in Aramaic; the second movement is in Yiddish, the rich and fragile language of a long exile; the third movement and the postlude are in sacred Hebrew.”Quartetto Di Cremona has a reputation as one of the most exciting chamber ensembles consisting of musicians Cristiano Gualco, (violin), Paolo Andreoli, (violin), Simone Gramaglia (viola) and Giovanni Scaglione (cello). The group recently won 2019 Franco Buitoni Award and are known for their refined musicianship.

Orlowsky, a renowned German Clarinetist, is acclaimed around the globe as the musician who creates magic with the clarinet. Why Klezmer? It was while attending a concert by legendary Giora Feidman that inspired him. In 2004 he participated in the masterclasses (Klezmer in Galilee) in Tsfat (Safed-Israel)together with such prestigious musicians as Eddie DanielsPhilippe CuperHelmut Eisel and of course Giora Feidman). He played a solo performance at the final concert of the Klezmer Festival at the Opera House in Tel Aviv.

“Klezmer is an interpretation of art and life based not solely on Jewish folklore, but rather on a cosmopolitan divergence of musical genres,” Giora Feidman.

Next on the program was the composition Hidden Place by Israel’s composer Aviya Kopelman. She is a composer in residence of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Hidden Place is  a very beautiful piece ─ reminiscent of musical impressionism.

The concert closed with Betty Olivero’s Zeks Yiddishe Lider un Tantaz, an adaptation of the original film Der Golem-Wie er in die Welt Kam. Olivero is a contemporary Israeli composer who uses ethnic music with contemporary composition.

The Wallis continues to bring unique and talented artists to its venue and exposing them to the community.

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