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2013 Speaker Series Warner Brothers VIP Tours

By Christa Lopez

Warner Brother Studios begins their 90th Birthday Celebration with a cutting of the ribbon ceremony nestled in between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, on the red carpet today on the grounds of the Warner Brother Studios in the heart of Burbank, Ca.  Ms. Cass Warner, Mr. Danny Kahn, and Mr. E.J. Stephens had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

Cass as she prefers to be called (not Ms. Warner) exclaimed her excitement as she “invites the public to know her family history” she adds “ I love sharing our story”.  Cass is the granddaughter of one of the 4 Warner Brothers, Harry Warner, who was the original president and one of the founders of the Warner Studio Brothers Studio.   The four Warner brothers, who as immigrants, lived the American Dream, have left a legacy as testimony.   This testimony is what the Warner Brothers Studios is what they hope to share with the guest near and far. Cass will be the first featured guest speaker starting Wednesday, October 23, 2013.  She will begin the ongoing “Meet the Family” speaker series representing the Studio.  She will be followed by other studio professionals ranging from producers and other “cross sectional artists and artisans” said Mr. Danny Kahn.  Mr. Kahn added that he had been hoping for a long time that this speaker series and the tours would bring together the “storytellers that bring these stories to life with  the general public”.  The series is open to the public and they are free of charge.  The Studio hopes this open invitation to the community will bring many to know Warner Brother Studios a little more intimately.

In addition to the speaker series, Warner Brothers is also inviting the community from all around to take part in the VIP tours.  These VIP tours last about 2 hours and 25 minutes now offered year round on weekends as well.  The VIP tours will take you to the behind the look of the filming of many shows and sets as “The Mentalist”, “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and Half-Men” to name a few.  The Guests will also have the opportunity to visit Car Museum, which houses film and television’s famous museums , the Warner Brother’s Museum which houses props and costumes from many of the films, and will end at the Tour Center Store where guests can purchase their favorite memorabilia.   The VIP tours are open daily year round.  The tickets can be purchased online for $52 a ticket per person.

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Christa has experience working with people  from all walks of life coming from the helping field of social work.  She made a leap to portrait journalism and special event photography when she realized how life giving it is and what a privilege it is to document a life, location, and an experience….”it is truly stopping time and remembering it forever.”

She absolutely loves what she does!  Christa works primarily with natural light, on location, capturing the moment as is. “I love spending time getting to know you, talking, and building trust and comfort before and during our shoot.  I bring with me the commitment to capture the very best you and your event and have that be reflected on those images.  I find that is a gift to me, from above, to be able to “see” the beauty all around us and tell it’s story visually.”

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